Our Philosophy

We provide the children opportunities to learn through sensory exploration, imaginative play, establishing routines, manipulative tasks, music and movement.
Teaching and training children varies from each child’s strength, interest and present skills.
Teachers facilitate one on one and group learning to provide mastery of skills taught. Children are provided with diverse examples of concepts that are simple and practical.
The core of training is as follows:
· To utilize expressive language at all times in order to boost confidence, self expression and for better communication
· To develop fully using developmentally-appropriate activities as foundation of learning
· To instil moral values in our daily lives
· To exhibit independence
· To understand and demonstrate good behavior
· To be familiar with concepts without imposing
The following are integrated in activities of daily living like washing of hands, dressing, eating and toileting, reading of social stories, group sharing time, roll call, arts and crafts, gross and fine motor activities, food preparation and many more.
Our programs available for Toddlers and Pre-schoolers (Afterschool Club and Holiday Club as well)